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Chef Agostino Iacobucci



Master Chef Agostino Iacobucci is from Castellammare, located in the Gulf of Napoli near Sorrento. A life-long resident of Naples, Agostino believes the blood of the Gulf of Napoli runs through him, and he enjoy's sharing his region's extraordinary culinary traditions.

Agostino's love of food began when he was a young boy and would visit his aunt's restaurant every Sunday. It was there, watching how food was prepared and the resulting enjoyment of his aunt's patrons, that Agostino was inspired to go to culinary school.

After graduation, Chef Iacobucci had the opportunity to meet famous Michelin-starred chefs who helped refine his culinary skills. Agostino attributes his success in the kitchen to their instruction and guidance, teaching him unique components of Neopolitan cuisine. Agostino's studies abroad expanded his knowledge of new cooking techniques while remaining true to the flavors of his native Napoli and respecting the traditions of his aunt's restaurant where he learned so much as a child.

Within the first year of arriving at the restaurant, La Cantinella received the coveted Michelin Star, in part due to Agostino's passion for organic vegetables and fresh seafood which characterize the Sorrento Peninsula. He also credits his hard-working staffs' ability to excite customers by always giving something extra and unexpected.

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