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Chef Errico Recanati



Chef Errico Recanati’s philosophy is simple: “A dish must be able to excite all generations, and to serve as a reminder. I seek to create an ageless kitchen, stripped of fads and close to the heart.”

He finds inspiration in the non-stop activity of the kitchen at Ristorante Andreina. This famous dining spot in Loreto first opened in 1959 and is the namesake of Chef Recanati’s grandmother Andreina.  He now works alongside his mother Ave, a professional sommelier and maître de salle, creating a menu known as “neo-rural cuisine.”  

He describes his approach to cooking as tradition, acquired over time, merged with modern technique. “It is the past and future merged. I find a meeting point between more primordial methods like the grill & skewer and today’s latest culinary research. I’m working hard to evaluate this area that is still so unexplored.” 

In keeping with tradition from the earliest days of the family business, Chef Recanati pays special attention to the quality of raw materials and the selection of producers. He allows the flavor or “truth” of natural ingredients to come forward in his recipes. He notes, “More and more, I am working with just a few elements.”

Cooking is second nature for Chef Recanati. While he attended Etoile School and completed culinary internships for Gianfranco Visscher, Peter Leeman of “Joya” (the first Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Italy), and Martin Dalass of Ristorante Talvo, much of his culinary knowledge came from growing up in the kitchen of a barroom where his grandmother prepared lunches and dinners for local hunters, fishermen and tradesmen.

Today, the Ristorante Andreina is internationally known for its quintessential Marche region dishes, showcasing both meats and seafood. Recanati’s restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2013 and, in 2015, joined the “Le Soste” association of Italy’s most prestigious restaurants.

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