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Pasticcere and Chef Fabio Bertoni



Best known for his innovations with natural yeast techniques, Pasticcere and Chef Fabio Bertoni has been involved in baking his entire life as the fourth generation owner of the family business, Il Forno Bertoni. The Bertoni Bakery, launched in 1918, produces over forty types of bread every day, in addition to a myriad of sweet delicacies. Il Forno Bertoni's Colomba and Panettone breads are famous at the Vatican, as well as upscale hotels and restaurants throughout Europe.

Inspired by his love for baking, Fabio decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a chef and earning a master's degree in Culinary Education of Professional Bakers, Cooks and Pastry from the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts. He quickly attained world class status for his innovative creations and is one of only a few culinary masters in the world to have captured multiple gold medals for both cuisine and pastry in individual and team international competitions at the SIAB International in Verona, Italy, and the European Championships at Luxembourg.

Bertoni is also an instructor at some of the most prestigious culinary schools in Italy, and enjoys his role as a consultant and new product developer and trainer for hotels in Miami, Las Vegas, New York and Dubai.

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