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Chef Luigi Taglienti


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Born in Savona, Liguria, in 1979, Luigi's mother and grandmother instilled in him a love for the kitchen where they prepared the traditional recipes of old Italy. From the outset, Chef Luigi studied the value of raw materials and fine ingredients, both of which have inspired his creative menus with sophisticated flavors. Also significant was the experience he gained early in his career learning from the great masters in several famous Italian restaurants. It was valuable training that helped shape a distinct, balanced culinary philosophy.

As a result, Chef Taglienti earned a one-star distinction by the coveted Michelin guide within the first year of arriving at Trussardi in 2013.

Also named Young Chef of the Year by L'Espresso in 2009, Chef Luigi believes, "Italian food is so gorgeous and appreciated around the world because it is based on the amazing local ingredients and traditions. At the same time, the Italian cuisine is so diverse that from region to region, you can find completely different ingredients in the recipes."

Chef Taglienti's genius comes from classic recipes that are skillfully given a modern twist, and with an extraordinary attention to detail, he utilizes products that in his words, "escape the globalization process and are a part of Italy's gastronomic culture."

"Fine ingredients and simple food," is his secret combination.

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“It is an almost indescribable experience....even for a huge food lover like me. To be able to sit and watch a chef of that level, then get to ask questions while he cooks- wow. I hope you get to try this event just once in your life!”

Donna B.

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