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Sommelier Marco Amato



Marco Amato was born in Rome in 1976.  His first experience with wine occurred when he was eight-years-old in his father’s personal vineyard.  At his father’s direction, Marco helped care for the vines, harvest the grapes and learn how to taste the family wine.  Marco credits this early experience with his father for his life-long love of viticulture.

In later years, Marco worked in many restaurants in Europe, including England, Ireland, Spain and Holland.  In 1999, Marco began work as a bartender at the famous Hassler Hotel located above the Spanish Steps in Rome.  In 2006, the Hassler opened Imágo and, knowing Marco’s passion for wine, the hotel director hired him as Imágo’s new Sommelier in charge of 1500 different wines. 

Amato has been a professional sommelier for more than 12 years, and his advice and expertise are often published in various Italian wine magazines.  As a teacher of various wine courses at the Hassler, Marco boasts, “wine is part of my life every day.”

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