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Chef Marco Parizzi and Sommelier Cristina Parizzi


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Marco Parizzi is a third generation restaurateur who took over the family business in 1999 started by his grandfather 43 years earlier. Although he earned a degree in accounting, Parizzi realized his passion was in the kitchen where he could study, dream, explore and prepare new creations.  

“My cooking has changed with me,” said Chef Parizzi. “I learned the fundamentals of classic cuisine. I researched the most innovative techniques. The kitchen gets inside you, consumes you, excites you. Nothing in the world gives me a sense of grandeur and omnipotence as a service well done.” 

A genuine friendship between Marco and Cristina began in 2001 as they discovered a mutual appreciation and passion for fine dining. Cristina now oversees service and hospitality and is devoted to improving and expanding a wine cellar that includes over 10,000 labels. The restaurant’s interior has also been touched by her grace and elegance. 

Parizzi commits himself to creating classic Italian cuisine with the finest quality natural ingredients. His steadfast dedication to excellence has brought Ristorante Parizzi international acclaim and culinary recognition through Gambero Rosso and the Michelin Guide. 

Today, Ristorante Parizzi also offers culinary classes taught by Chef Marco himself.  

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