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Chef Pino Cuttaia



Born in Licata, a small village in the province of Agrigento, Chef Pino moved with his parents to Piemonte when he was 12 years old. Rigorous schooling and work at a local factory discouraged Pino, who chose to spend weekends cooking to express himself.

His unique talents in the kitchen soon developed into a passion, driving Cuttaia to find work with the best Michelin-starred chefs in northern Italy. A dream to return to his birthplace and incorporate those brilliant techniques with the finest natural ingredients of Sicily's countryside was realized in 2000 when Pino opened Ristorante La Madia with his wife, Loredana.

From tradition to innovation is how Cuttaia describes his cuisine, and La Madia is a big "cupboard" where a multitude of delicacies are kept, thus allowing him the freedom to take classic dishes such as arancini, aubergine pasta, mozzarella di bufala e pomodoro, and cannoli and transform each into a memorable experience.

"Licata is the only place in the world where I can make my dreams come true," said Cuttaia of his hometown. "For me, each recipe tells you my childhood stories. Creativity and simplicity grant new elegance to traditional recipes, allowing perfumes and flavors of a radiant Sicily, now lost in time, to return to mind. All of my dishes are a personal memory of Sicilian classics."

Chef Pino's ingenuity and passion have brought La Madia universal acclaim, including the most coveted culinary award: a Michelin star in 2006 followed by a second in 2009.



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