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Chefs Riccardo and Gino Corsini


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Gino Corsini began his career in the kitchen when he was 18 years old which led him to pursue a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Upon completion, Gino extended his studies traveling abroad to France and England but soon found his passion lay in the culinary arts.

When Chef Gino discovered La Fattoria in the stunning hills of Tuscany, he knew he found something special. In those days the restaurant served only stuzzichini, such as ham and salami, but Gino's creativity led to a classical transformation making La Fattoria a coveted stop for locals and visitors alike.

"The other restaurants in the area proposed all the same menu, while the best had a so-called international cuisine which was a mixture of Tuscan, Emilian, and Roman," said Chef Gino. "Here at La Fattoria, we have changed the very concept of a Tuscan cuisine restaurant and we were the first to do so, recovering old recipes or drawing from the folk tradition."

As a result, Ristorante La Fattoria is an accurate reflection of true Tuscan culture serving dishes such as fried sage, homemade ravioli, gnocchi with bouillon, pork and potatoes, suckling pig cooked in a wood-burning oven, pheasant stuffed with wild boar and many other classic specialties.

Now working behind his son, Riccardo, who he trained from a young age, the family serves signature dishes that change periodically according to the season. In addition, they use only natural ingredients. After all, 'La Fattoria' simply means 'The Farm.' It is a formula for success that has lasted 30 years.

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